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Product Marketing

What we do?

Our Company provides a all-inclusive range of digital services as well as product marketing services to various sectors.

Our plan includes:


Facebook is a site a lot of of you should be recognizable with. One of the most effective ways of promoting products if you can make it work is to be active on Facebook. Sharing news, linking with fans, throwing competitions and persuading your fans to share in order is great for getting your product in front of the right eyes. This is usually more time consuming, you have to keep at it to see significant augment in sales but it can work if you put the time in.

Product Videos

The power of videos is still largely undervalued. There is a huge audience on sites like YouTube and other parallel platforms where people are probable to search for products and related reviews. If you create some fine thought out, informative and good class videos, you may be able to capture the consideration of an audience that beforehand might not have found you.


Reviews can help propel traffic to your site; they can also persuade someone to make a pay for once they arrive. There are various conduct in which reviews can be utilized for your advantage. Firstly you can make sure you are scheduled on the many external appraisal sites so happy customers can find you if they wish to remark on a good experience.

Landing Pages & PPC

Pay per click (PPC) offers a definite way to get visitors to your website. It ensures that you have full in charge of over the amount of money you spend and if you have a rough idea of the proportion of visitors that convert when visiting the website, you can make sure that you constantly return a profit. By combining a well optimized PPC campaign with targeted landing pages you can make sure that each visitor is likely to be involved in the products you are selling. It is then down to the landing pages to encourage them to make the purchase.


Remarketing is a strand of PPC. It will create a list of guests to your website and is able to trail them with a cookie. Once you have built up a list, these people can be embattled with ads on other websites they visit. As they have formerly visited your website, you can be fairly certain that they are interested in your products. Targeting these people with a banner crusade can be a useful way to build awareness of endorsement or sale, promote any new products or just create a second possibility to convert them into clients.

Our extensive knowledge of advertising industrial products and services enables us to help our clientele sell more products, retain their clients and achieve their enlargement objectives.

We are fervent about marketing, so if you are ready to accomplish your business prospective, then so are we. We welcome you to join in hands with Digital Dazzel.