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How Dazzel has helped Well known Mind Trainer with Influencer’s collaboration and became a massive hit

One of Our clients is India’s Leading Memory & Mind Performance Coach, who is also a Motivational Speaker inspiring Executives, Business owners, Professionals and students to excel in their professional and personal life.

The client is an expert in the field of Neurodynamics and is helping people to enhance the quality of their life by enhancing their mental potential. Our client had an idea to get into a discussion with someone who is also trying to make a positive impact in the world and to unlock the answers about leading a better life. And the idea came to do an influencer’s collaboration and all the work started. It started with analyzing the target audience and with whom the existing audience would like to see the client’s collab. After discovering the target audience we decided to look for someone who belongs to the similar field. And after keeping all the pointers in our mind we started our research for The influencer.

Top digital marketing agency in delhi

We made a list of influencers as each one of them is different from the other in terms of the domain, the target audience, the kind of content they make and the most important thing is their followers. Now, when you think about collaboration, finding the purpose is very important. As for this client, Dazzel was looking for someone who has expertise in the similar field along with good reach and engagement rate with their audience, so that the positivity can reach maximum people. Our client focuses on aspects of connecting mind and soul and who could be a better choice than looking for someone who has expertise in both. And the search started, but to make the collaboration a success we started looking for the influencer but with a twist. We started our search for someone who has the same expertise but has a different belief. Interesting, right?

And that’s when we came across Yogi ji who is an Indian Yogi who believes in mystic body design and is a well-known yoga teacher from India with a following of 3 million. He teaches yoga in India and promotes yoga to help solve physical and mental issues. And wouldn’t their conversation be exciting?

Top digital marketing agency in delhi

We began the procedure with the basic rule of collaboration that is reaching out to yogi ji over influencer collaboration email. We drafted the email in such a way that it will excite him to read more and join in the conversation. After the influencer collaboration agreement was done we started preparing our client for the questions he may ask yogi ji to make the conversation even more interesting.. The conversation was held live on the occasion of International Yoga Day on various social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. We knew it was a success when both the experts synced with each other well and the followers started gaining insights through the exciting discussion over leading a better life. Both the experts were sharing their experiences, and insights on how to conquer mind and body and lead to a better tomorrow. It turned out to be a good followers exchange that day and it became a massive hit. And that’s how successful influencer collaboration should be done. Even the tiniest of details cannot be missed. And that’s what we do! So, if you are planning for an Influencer collaboration in India then instead of looking out for Influencer collaboration websites or Apps you know whom to contact. Dazzel is a savior.

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