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About Us

Dazzel Digital is a comprehensive digital media company with an astounding family of talented managers as well as developers and creators. We decided to get involved in the industry in 2016. Having our main office in Indore, we have provided services to emanating and established brands throughout India in a variety of fields, varying from corporate to start-ups and far more. We are passionate about developing and recognizing your company. With each client, we form a bond that allows us to build marketing strategies with the exclusive aim of answering your business’s problems. To fix the most difficult marketing challenges, we design each of our marketing strategies with the client’s unique requirements.
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Why Dazzel Digital is the right choice

Design 95%
Marketing 98%
Development 94%
Strategy 99%
In digital marketing, we are completely dedicated to using the best business practices and getting up to date with the latest advancements. Brilliant mechanisms and forward-thinking vision enable us to devise a customized strategy for each client that will meet their specific needs and help them realize their full potential. A new strategy to reach internet users is being created every day. The high-quality and innovative ways to link up your brand with an audience online are always on our radar, whether it’s a pay-per-click ad campaign, new ways to enhance search queries or improved modes of interaction on social media. We’re also known for our flexible and affordable pricing, which means you’ll get the best deal along with quality service.

Our Work

top Digital marketing agency in Delhi
We’ve had the riches of working with some awesome companies in India and rising along with them, which has been incredibly rewarding. We specialize in instilling brands with professional approaches, eloquent content, evocative graphics, hostile and productive marketing tactics, converting watchers into clients, boost brand visibility and general populace connection, and even more. Each of our members has a unique skill set that they bring to each project, and they have the capability to identify and design businesses for an array of options.

Our Creative Directors

CEO & Co-founder At Dazzel Digital

Ratnesh Dwivedi

CEO & Co-founder

Ayush Gorani

Co-founder & Advisor

Our Diligent

Aakash Porwal Media Advisor at dazzel digital

Aakash Porwal

Media Advisor

Dr Hitu Gambhir Mahajan

Media Marketing and Communication Strategists

Manish Joshi

Chief Growth Officer

Kairabh Singh Godawat

Creative Director

Ayushi Saxena Creative Manager UI/UX at dazzel digital

Ayushi Saxena

Creative Manager UI/UX

Deepika Pathak HR Head at Dazzel Digital

Deepika Pathak

HR Head

Juned Shaikh Sr. Graphic designer at Dazzel Digital

Juned Sheikh

Sr. Graphic designer

Dharmendra Verma Web Developer at Dazzel Digital

Dharmendra Verma

Web Developer

Ritu Digital Ads Specialist at Dazzel Digital


Digital Ads Specialist

Chayan Digital Strategist Consultant at Dazzel Digital


Digital Strategist Consultant

Lokesh Video Grapher & Editor at Dazzel Digital


Video Grapher & Editor

Veena Marketing Manager at Dazzel Digital


Marketing Manager