Why PR Driven Digital Strategies are becoming popular in 2021?

February 2, 2021, Comment off

Why PR Driven Digital Strategies are becoming popular in 2021?

Pandemic taught us how to survive and digital content industry has touched heights which never happen before. Just want to share my experience being a general user of Facebook, I open it 5-10 times in a day and Instagram more than 20-25 times in day. One day I had seen news in Hindustan times which is about Malaika Arora that she has started yoga business. Till than I thought that she is an actress who do item song such as “Munni Badnaam hui ” but after reading this news I got inspired by her and open her Instagram and followed her. I got to know that she is an extremely wonderful yoga instructor.

This one single news /story have changed my perception completely from negative to positive and now I love and respect these public figures.

Let’s understand what Digital PR is actually and its advantages.

Digital PR is a way used by businesses to create a brand perception with the help of media, bloggers, and journalists. Sending an online press release to reputed websites and online publications to get positive reviews and high-quality backlinks helps in improving the SEO process.

This is power of online PR and when it drives traffic or help advertiser to monetize this strategy become PR driven digital strategies.

PR Driven Digital Strategies focuses on online publications to gain exposure and building brand trust through online reviews.

In this digital era, it is important for businesses to look beyond print opportunities and interact with the target audience online.

If you don’t use digital PR then you will easily get out of the competition.

There are so many advantages of integrating a digital PR strategy in our marketing strategy.

Enhance Brand Visibility –

One of the benefits is that it enhances the online visibility of the brand, helps to get noticed, and increase visibility on the search engines.

Build Brand Identity –

When your target audience starts hearing more positive reviews about the company, they start trusting the brand. This helps in building brand image and brand identity.

Authoritative Voice –

Various organizations use digital PR as a platform to become a leading and authoritative voice in their industry. Publishing high-quality articles on authority sites create a reputation as a credible source of information.

Improves SEO –

Releasing high-quality content & getting high-quality backlinks from high authority websites helps in improving the website ranking which in turn increases quality traffic and generates leads.

This content is also likely to be shared on social media if you are correctly managing your social sites and promoting interactions – shares, likes, comments, etc. When this content will share on social media, it can be picked up by more and more users, prompting even more visitors to your site.

By sharing your content with high-authority websites and online media publications, hiring a leading digital marketing company can help you with this. We at Dazzel Digital- A PR Driven Digital Marketing Company can help you to increase the exposure and reach of your brand across digital media channels. This also creates high-quality backlinks to your site from high authority websites, which signals to Google that your website is relevant and useful for your target audience.